High Speed Telecom, LLC
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Reliable and timely telephone service is paramount to the successful operation of any organization.  High Speed Telecom, LLC provides on-site service when required as well as remote maintenance if available.



Training sessions are conducted by our professional instructors for all your employees, and classes can be conducted before, during and after installation is completed. Employees will also be provided with manufacturer’s User's Guides and Manuals, which serve as useful reference tools after training has been completed.



In the event you want to upgrade or replace your existing telephone system with new High Speed Telecom, LLC equipment, we offer a generous trade-in policy that allows you to grow your phone system as your company grows, without incurring expensive penalties or add-on costs.



High Speed Telecom, LLC offers a variety of investment options that will enable you to have the phone system that best fits your business and financial needs. Whether you are interested in a capital investment, leasing or even rental, High Speed Telecom, LLC can assist you.



High Speed Telecom, LLC offers maintenance contracts designed specifically for our customers. We are happy to discuss the benefits of maintenance contracts and assist you in determining if a maintenance contract would be good for your company, and if so, what type of contract would work best.
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